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Whether your communications needs are local, regional, national or global, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you more effectively and strategically communicate with your target audiences. We can help your business succeed by putting a professional polish on your message, your story, your news and making sure it reaches your key audience. Whom do you need to talk to how and when? There is no project too big or too small. Let us be a part of your team.

Communications – strategic communications planning

A well-planned and thoroughly reviewed communications plan will mean the difference between an average event and a wonderfully successful news/information release or event that exceeds your wildest expectations. You must ensure your messaging is on target, that you execute with the best timeline and that you prepare for all potential scenarios. With decades of experience working with executives, athletes and the media, CWCLLC can create a program for you that meets your needs, ensures you are prepared and helps you succeed.

Event PR/Media Relations

Having worked with media across the United States and around the world, CWCLLC can help you identify major media contacts in your event’s region and beyond. CWCLLC also will contribute expertise in the media strategy for your event, pitch a variety of storylines, and distribute information and other necessary communiqués to the media before, during and post-event.

From local news outlets to national broadcast media to social media, CWCLLC can assist with creating an appropriate target media list within your region and trade as well as a plan to develop and maintain vibrant working relationships with them. CWCLLC also can assist with notifying media about your event and manage the vetting process to ensure the appropriate media have access to the event.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Documents

Do you ever wonder what you need to say to whom about what? CWCLLC can create comprehensive FAQ documents that can be used for internal and external communication needs to ensure you approach every project with a 360-degree view.
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Interview/spokesperson preparation

CWCLLC offers experience facilitating interviews for media, athletes, agents, executives, individuals and organizations. CWCLLC’s passion is making sure media get what they need in a timely manner to thoroughly and accurately report on a story as well as ensuring that interviewee is as informed as possible about the subject matter. Whether you have a short-term project or year-round communications efforts, CWCLLC can service media inquiries, generate media opportunities and facilitate the appropriate interviews as needed.
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Media center operations

With decades of experience of working in the event environment, both on the event management side as well as the professional sports association level, CWCLLC understands the logistics and planning required to manage a successful event and a successful media center operation. From year-round planning to onsite credentialing to facility set-up, CWCLLC can work with your event staff to ensure that you have a top-notch work environment for media covering your event.
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Media outreach

CWCLLC has years of experience working with local, regional, national and international media, and will leverage this knowledge to create the best possible targeted media distribution program to meet your needs. With the fast-moving, 24/7 news cycle and digital media world of today, it is vital to understand who the influencers are and to include them in your communications plan. CWCLLC knows how to reach media, when to reach out to them and with whom you should connect. CWCLLC has the expertise to create a premier distribution plan that takes your ideas and/or news and reaches your target audiences.
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Website content

Your website is a tremendous resource for anyone seeking information about your organization, business and your expertise. Naturally, it is imperative to be current and up-to-date. A solid communications plan should include your website. What do you want to communicate, to whom, about what and how? Once these questions are answered, you can build or refresh the content. CWCLLC can assist you in evaluating your website and providing updated content to communicate your key messages.
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